3 Excellent Facilities That Provide by Global Sevilla International School di Jakarta

international school in Jakarta

Global Sevilla is one of the leading schools with the best facilities. It is essential to support the potential and activities of students during learning. Interestingly, the facilities provided have been adjusted based on international school standards. There are various facilities of the international school in Jakarta that can enhance students’ daily learning experience. Here is the explanation!


The Facilities Provide by Global Sevilla

1. Sport Facilities

The first facilities provided by the campus are indoor and outdoor sports facilities based on international standards. The facilities provided are quite complete, starting from a fitness center or gym, a mini soccer field and so on. With these facilities, it is useful for teaching and learning process activities on PE material.

The student can join the basketball and badminton sports as the activity at school. The students can use the facility to help with PE lessons when the weather is bad. While the vast expanse of the green field all-out students when they go out for their PE lessons or soccer games after school activity. Football is played by countless students, including girls.

Global Sevilla has an attractive outdoor playground. To support better learning, this international school di Jakarta provides sports facilities that are wide open, surrounded by refreshing greenery. Students can study while highlighting the natural environment around them, and students can have a better time. Not only that, students will feel comfortable when they are learning at school.

2. Laboratory

Global Sevilla provides well-equipped laborites. In this case, the facilities can handle numerous materials, including physics, chemistry and biology, and computer laboratories. Everything is prepared to support students’ abilities when they are learning at Global Sevilla. An essential thing you can find the facilities are based on international standards.

For example, computer laboratories are provided to teach the students ICT lessons. It is useful to develop students’ computing skills and help them think logically to solve problems. The facilities also help students to understand better about the technology. In addition, the mathematics lessons are also carried out in the computer laboratory.

3. Greeneries Area

As an international school di Jakarta, Global Sevilla also has a suitable environment for learning. The beauty can see it of nature in the surroundings of the institution. It is equipped with wide-open spaces with beautiful greenery to support the students’ learning better. Also, it can bring a sense of peace when doing numerous activities at school.

Global Sevilla is supported by various complete facilities that can enhance everyday learning experiences from science to art. Sevilla’s Global Campus also provides different laboratories to enhance students’ understanding. Not only do they have that, but they are also equipped with a greeneries area to make a good environment.